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First Alert Addresses Threats of Low-Level CO with a First-of-Its-Kind Innovation
Apple® HomeKit-enabled Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor Provides Instant Updates on Changing Home Conditions

(Aurora, Ill.)  Jan. 4, 2016 – With its latest connected home introduction, First Alert, the most trusted brand in home safety*, is shedding light on – and providing protection against – the threats of exposure to low-level carbon monoxide (CO). The new Onelink by First Alert® Wi-Fi Environment Monitor features advanced sensing technologies to monitor for both high and low levels of CO, both of which can be hazardous to human health. This first-of-its-kind innovation, which also monitors temperature and humidity, uses Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology to quickly notify users of any environmental changes or dangers via their connected iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) or Apple Watch.

“Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless – but toxic and potentially deadly – gas emitted by common household appliances,” said Tom Russo, president of First Alert. “Standard CO alarms are designed to sense high levels of carbon monoxide but will not detect low-level CO, which has been proven to be harmful to infants, the elderly, and others with weak or compromised immune systems, with effects ranging from headaches and nausea to confusion and heart problems**. By monitoring for the presence of CO at all levels, the Onelink Environment Monitor provides protection for those most vulnerable and peace of mind for those who care for them.”

Part of the new Onelink by First Alert collection of connected smart home devices, the intuitive and compact Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor is a free-standing carbon monoxide monitor and alarm equipped with a 10-year internal electrochemical CO sensor. Through the free Onelink Home App, the micro-designed device delivers convenient access to information related to indoor atmospheric conditions and notifies users in the event of emerging CO levels or emergency conditions.

The powerful monitor detects and notifies the app user whenever CO readings register ten parts per million (compared with 30 parts per million for a standard CO sensor). This low-level sensing ability is particularly important in homes with newborns, pregnant women or senior citizens, who can be especially susceptible to the effects of carbon monoxide**. When the presence of CO is detected, the light flashes bright red and the device emits a loud, 85 decibel alarm, alerting that the area should be evacuated.

Temperature and Humidity Control

The Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Environment Monitor also features built-in temperature and humidity sensors. A multi-colored LED ring on the monitor informs users at a glance regarding the status of their home’s conditions. The ring changes colors as temperature or other levels shift. A white light glows if the room is at the programmed temperature; blue indicates the room is too cool, and amber signifies it is too warm. The ring is dimmable and the brightness can be adjusted based on preference, serving as a night light.

“Sudden shifts in temperature or humidity can trigger allergies and other health hazards***,” explained Russo. “Having the ability to monitor and control these environmental elements can make a tremendous difference in the comfort and confidence of families impacted by these issues.”

The Environment Monitor plugs into a standard electrical outlet and contains a back-up lithium battery in case of power outages. Using the Onelink Home App, users can monitor a room’s environment, as well as test and silence the monitor. In addition, Siri voice commands allow users to check on their home’s environment and inquire as to whether any changes have been detected. The unique monitor is compatible with a growing number of HomeKit-enabled devices, making things easy for consumers. For example, when the Environment Monitor detects that the temperature in the baby’s nursery is below the preset level the thermostat would turn up the heat. Since the monitor is Apple HomeKit-enabled, data is always encrypted and privacy is built in, allowing users to feel secure while benefiting from the convenience of a connected home.

“As our homes continue to get smarter, we want to ensure that simplicity, convenience and security are part of the equation,” said Russo. “The Onelink Environment Monitor keeps users informed about what’s happening inside their homes and allows them to be in control of their family’s living environment with today’s most user-friendly and data-secure technologies.”

Coming soon to retailers nationwide, the Onelink Wi-Fi Environment is part of a complete line of HomeKit-enabled connected home products from First Alert. Other Onelink products include a Wi-Fi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Safe and Thermostat – all designed to work collaboratively with the Onelink Home app and Apple HomeKit-enabled products, providing a simple, safe and efficient smart home solution.

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*First Alert Brand Trust Survey, June 2015 – Results are based on the responses of 1,003 adults, ages 18 and older, living in the United States who completed a telephone survey, June 11-14, 2015. Results are accurate to +/- 3 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level and can be generalized to the entire adult population in the United States within those statistical parameters. For more information or a copy of the complete survey and results, contact Tim Young at LCWA: 312/565-4628 or

** “Effects on health of prolonged exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide,” CL Townsend, RL Maynard; Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 10 April  2002

*** “Indoor Air Pollution Issues,” Jerrold B. Leikin, MD, Director of Medical Toxicology, NorthShore University HealthSystem-OMEGA

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